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Screenshot from Divity App – Calendar section
Screenshot from Divity App – Calendar section

Your content goes here, I am including the Markdown Guide you can use in here to format the article.


To create headers, prefix the text with hash symbols (#). The number of hash symbols determines the level of the header, with one hash symbol representing the largest heading and six hash symbols representing the smallest heading. For example:

This is an H1 header

This is an H2 header

This is an H3 header

This is an H4 header

This is an H5 header
This is an H6 header


To create emphasis in text, you can use either asterisks (*) or underscores (_). Single asterisks or underscores create italicized text, while double asterisks or underscores create bold text. For example:

This is italicized text
This is also italicized text

This is bold text This is also bold text


To create an unordered list, prefix each item with a dash (-) or an asterisk (*). For example:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

To create an ordered list, prefix each item with a number followed by a period. For example:

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

You can also create nested lists by indenting the items. For example:

  • Item 1
    • Nested item 1
    • Nested item 2
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

To create a link, use the following format: [link text](link URL). For example: Google

Plus, if you wanna have just a link you can do that too It will be automatically hyperlinked to itself

You can also add a title attribute to the link by including it after the URL in quotes. For example: Google


To insert an image, use the following format: ![Description or alt text of image](image URL). For example: ![Divity social media card](/og.webp) will generate following image:

Divity social media card

There's one more format you can use, and in this format you can specify your own width and height as well. For example: <Image alt="Divity Logo (200x200)" src="/logo.png" width="200" height="200" />

Divity Logo (200x200)
Divity Logo (200x200)


To create a blockquote, use the > symbol before the text you want to quote. For Example:

This is a blockquote.

Code Blocks

To create a code block, wrap the text in backticks (`). For example:

This is a code block

You can also create a code block with multiple lines by wrapping the text in triple backticks (```). For example:

This text is written in a code block
    and it will remain as it is and will not format...
        That's why it is      a      separate       block...!

Horizontal Rule

To create a horizontal rule, use three or more hyphens (---), asterisks (***), or underscores (___). Example:


To create a table, use hyphens (-) to separate the header row from the content rows and pipes (|) to separate columns. Example:

Header AHeader BHeader CHeader D
Content A1Content B1Content C1Content D1
Content A2Content B2Content C2Content D2
Content A3Content B3Content C3Content D3


Use this format and make your post look more alive...

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